Graduate Courses

This is the core graduate course for post graduate students who are conducting research related to photonics.
The course touches upon the theory of electromagnetism with a brief introduction to classical electrodynamics. Gaussian beams
and the associated Jones matrix approach to analyze them are also discussed. Dielectric waveguides and wave propagation
in stratified dispersive media are presented with their implications on photonic devices. Also, novel types of waveguide based
on plasmonic effects are described and related to nano-photonic devices and circuits.

This course is designed to provide the necessary background for graduate students to use semiconductor fabrication
techniques to realize photonic and optoelectronic devices and circuits. It also provides hands-on experience in the ECE clean room situated in the NIT.
The topics covered in this course include:

  • Thin Film deposition for optical coatings, isolation, and etchings masks
  • Metal-semiconductor interfaces including aspects of Schottky and Ohmic contacts
  • Photolithography, electron beam writing (nanolithography), and industrial lithography processes
  • Pattern definition in semiconductors, wet chemical etching, plasma induced etching
  • Mask Designs

An engineering-based course which covers extensively semiconductor diode lasers. Basic behavior
in the static and dynamic regimes of will be explained, and the noise associated phenomena will be studied. Practical
designs and structures will also be analyzed in depth. The types of lasers this course will tackle include;

  • Distributed feedback lasers; high power performance, high-temperature operation, uniformity and facet phase, spatial and spectral hole burning, modulation speed
  • Vertical Cavity Surface emitting lasers; Thermal impedance, beam stabilization, uniformity across large arrays, ultra low threshold current realization
  • High Power lasers; Thermal impedance, single mode operation, high-temperature operation, reliability
  • Multi-section Tunable Lasers; tuneability, reliability, high output power, modulation
  • Semiconductor laser amplifiers, amplification, high saturation power, carrier dynamics, temperature performance, clamped operation