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Under Graduate Research

The group accommodates annually an array of exciting projects for undergraduates. These projects are often topics of current research interest to the group. Therefore they would be undertaken with the assistance of a senior graduate student in the group. The projects are best suited to ECE and Eng. Sci. students, however the group had students join from Materials science and Physics in the past. Here is a document detailing the latest projects.

Project Descriptions

Graduate Research

At present there are several openings available for graduate studies in the fields of nonlinear optics in semiconductors and semiconductor lasers. The scope of these projects are more suited, but not restricted to, students from an engineering science discipline, or ECE with some physical electronics and/or optics and EM-waves background. There are also several openings in the field of optical spectroscopy of nanoparticles, in particular for biological applications. Students with some biology/life science knowledge may find these projects particularly exciting. Please contact me for further details.

Post Doctoral Fellows

The group is always on the look out for outstanding post doctoral fellows. There are sometimes openings for Research Associates as well. The topics of current interest, where there are open positions are detailed in the documents below.

  • Spectroscopy of Biological and Nano-scale Materials(pdf)
  • Hybrid Optoelectronic Devices using Nanoparticles(pdf)
  • Nonlinear Optics in Semiconductors(pdf)
  • Monolithically Integrated Semiconductor Diode Lasers(pdf)